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With deep joy, we greet you, wishing that the Lord continue to bestow abundant blessings upon your pastoral activities.

ARHEU’s Board would like to let you know as part of the new restructuring that this association is undergoing in order to respond to its mission better, we consider it appropriate to change our name. We think that the new name reflects in a better way the vision and mission of the association today.

Beginning July 2017, ARHEU (Hispanic Religious Association in the United States) is renamed the “Association of Latin American Missionary Sisters”, AHLMA – acronym in Spanish.

The word “Latin” connotes “grassroots” and connects us with the rest of the continent. In the word “America”, we refer to the whole continent, connotation offered by Pope John Paul II. On the other hand, the word “Missionary” reflects the call received from God to serve His people in this country. And the word “Sisters” evokes a greater sense of solidarity with people.

AHLMA’s Vision and Mission:

VISION: To be a bridge among cultures, congregations and associations to carry out the mission of the Catholic Church and everything that promotes life and brings forth the Kingdom of God.

MISSION: To serve the Latino Sisters who have been sent as missionaries to or minister in the Church of the United States.

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Inma Cuesta, CMS
President AHLMA


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